Getting Prepared for Retirement

Welcome to the Getting Prepared for Retirement Web site. Our goal is to provide you with useful information as you prepare for the post-work stage of life. Retirement is an exciting time that you should look to with anticipation and not anxiety. But how do you know when you are well prepared for retirement?

The top question of everyone’s mind is: how much do I need to retire?

They need to know how much they will need to support the lifestyle that they want to have in retirement. People are no longer satisfied in spending the last decades of their lives sitting in a rocking chair.

A solid retirement plan and a good understanding of your goals will not only help you prepare for your future, but also give you an idea of where you stand financially. You should work closely with your financial planner to plan for retirement as well as to determine when the best time may be for you to step into your golden years.



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